Thursday, February 22, 2007

Levellers - One Way

What can I say about The Levellers, one of the many bands I saw whilst a student in Hull. It was a great time in my life, I was very much my own person not belonging to any particular group or clique and striving to be true to myself.

I was also in love with the lead singer, his hair really did it for me!!!

Thanks for tagging me Fatman I spent a very enjoyable few hours on youtube!

I tag little miss moi, Lisa and Enid


ChrisB said...

So you styled your hair like his???

Beccy said...

No Mum! I had my hair like that way before I'd heard of The Levellers!

Lisa said...

Yikes! Guess I'll go to You Tube later!

Beccy said...

Lisa you don't have to show the videos as well, fatman just wrote about his choices, I decided to present mine in a different way.

fatman said...

I don't know this one, but it's good.

I wish I had thought of this though, it's looks cool.

Damn it!!!

Emma in Canada said...

Beccy...this is my second favoutite band ever!!!!! I love, love, love the entire Levelling the Land album, but my favourite would have to be Far From Home.

Even though you didn't tag me for this (oh, the injustice!) I am going to do this one.

Beccy said...

Thanks Fatman, had great fun looking at old videos on youtube.

I was so going to tag you Emma but decided to tag new fans, should have added you on as well so consider yourself offically tagged. I will learn!!!