Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The dust cannot wait...

To paraphrase the title of Pamela's wonderful blog, today was a day when the dust cannot wait because Mum is coming to stay. I'm great at letting the dust wait, there is always something far more fun, urgent or even less boring to do. But when my Mum is coming to stay the dust has to go or at least some of it has to.

My morning of cleaning did not go exactly as planned. The first hour was spent dealing with Parent Association business then Mum rang to discuss the weather (well we are English) and what to pack. I managed a shower and baked some valentine hearts and bread and finally set about the reorganising of bedrooms. I was halfway through turning Mollie's room into a guest room when the phone rang again. Mum, with the words you don't want to hear...'I've lost my passport, I won't be able to come'. I told her she could use her driving licence if it had a photograph on it but unfortunately it does not. I got her to retrace her thoughts on where she could have put the passport since she last saw it at the weekend. I heard her tipping out her handbag, riffling through drawers and rushing up and down stairs while looking for it but she couldn't find it. She decided it would be easier to look without the phone so hung up promising to call me.

I gave up on the bedroom as I wasn't sure I'd have a visitor and started on the bathroom. Midway through the phone rang and I rushed to answer, it wasn't Mum but Ben's headmistress ringing to ask me what I thought about the new way they've been teaching writing compared to the way Mollie and Dillon were taught. This resulted in a long discussion about the merits and drawbacks of teaching joined up writing from the age of four.

Finally I could bear it no longer and rang Mum. No answer. I rang Granny who was able to tell me that Mum had left for the airport with her work ID. I rang Mum and told her I'd ring Aer Lingus and check whether they would accept that kind of ID. Twenty minutes of being disconnected twice, listening to diddlyeye music and automated voices, I finally got through to an operator who was able to confirm that photographic work ID was allowed. I rang Mum to reassure her when she said 'but I don't work there anymore', 'I know' I replied 'but don't tell them that'.

So yes, the dust will have to wait because I'm off to the airport to collect her now.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit! Even though you won't want dust for a houseguest, I'm sure she would barely notice with the grandchildren entertaining her!


Unknown said...

Can`t Mum do the dusting as punishment? Have a lovely few days. xx. Why is the word verification iraaq? And on valentines day, a bit insensitive on their part.

sallywrites said...

If she does notice the dust, then I'm sure that on reading this she won't mind!!

My Mum NEVER notices dust. Not even her own. Makes her a great visitor - but for some bizarre reason I still feel the need to clean it prior to her coming. Silly me!!!

Have a good time with your Mum!


Steffi said...

Oh,yes...Have a beautiful time with your Mom!
"Happy Valentine´s Day"....


Barbara said...

I echo Sally's comment. My Mum doesn't dust yet I have the house spotless when she visits. Have a great visit with your Mum Beccy.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit!

I decided once that I need to have company at least once a month - just so that my house gets a deep clean then!

Asha said...

Have fun Beccy! You deserve it!:))
Mum will be happy to see you.If she complains,make her dust everything!!;P

Sam said...

what a palaver!

The only reason I invite mum to stay with me is so she'll do my cleaning.


Emma in Canada said...

Hope she made it okay. Have a good time!

Beccy said...

Thabks Lisa, I got a bit of dusting done and Ben gave her a big hug so she is happy.

She would John only I don't want her to find all the extra dust I've been cultivating!

Lucky you Sally, Mum is from the old school of cleaning. I think I'll pass muster.

Thanks Steffi, hope you had a nice day.

Thanks Barbara, I'm sure we'll have great fun.

Great idea Karmyn!

Good idea Asha, and she's volunteered to make your dish.

Well Sam I don't want her to do my clening, I want to have fun!

Beccy said...

She did Emma, thanks!

Ailsa said...

I am very impressed that you had time to bake bread and valentines hearts as well.

I always go into a housework frenzy before going away on holiday making sure the house is spotless and the washing baskets empty. How daft is that?

Beccy said...

I don't think it's daft Ailsa as you have enough to do when you get home, unpacking, washing etc so it's nice to come home to a clean house.

Anonymous said...

rnnuetI think that the business of the passport has lett me off the need for brownie points for a littlewhile. I hope you ALL enjoy yourselves - and yes the pasta was good again and will be next time. Love EmBee

ChrisB said...

karmyn visitors are a very good motivator I use that method myself.

I am also happy to help both my daughters in any way. If the weather was bit better I would be out cutting down the ivy that is creeping everywhere from beccy's neighbour.

Sam you could employ me as a domestic and I get a free holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the way it always goes? Hope your mum has a nice stay.

Beccy said...

Mum made the pasta last night for us Dad, it is very tasty.

Thanks Mark