Thursday, February 22, 2007

David Bowie - Life On Mars?

Fatman tagged me with this:

I would like to get to know you a little..

I have a question for you.

If you had to pick three songs to listen to before never being able to listen to music ever again. Please note - you’re not dying or going deaf or anything like that.. you can just never listen to music ever again.

3 songs.

What would you pick?

It can be anything you like. For any reason.”

First choice has to be David Bowie. Big sis Sam used to play him a lot and at the age of 12 or 13 I was smitten. I wrote a project on him in school and saw him live in Milton Keynes Bowl. Even today his voice sends a shiver down my spine, (he made watching Arthur and the Invisibles very worthwile!)


ChrisB said...

he's grown on me over the years and I quite like this song now

sallywrites said...

Hubby's first choice would be David Bowie. i like him, and enjoyed seeing him live once in Milton Keynes, but he's probably not my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Ha...beccy, I'm not sure I've ever even heard of those other 2 songs or groups for that matter until now.

Interesting choices to say the least :)

Beccy said...

Do you know Mum, but I wonder who you would choose, maybe I should tag you as well.

It was hard to choose three Sally but David was never in any danger! I tried to choose music that reflected how I felt over different stages of my life. I chose nothing current as I have heard it all recently.

Thanks Slick, now I'm an educator!

Anonymous said...

I like this one, was on my list but not quite high enough.

Unknown said...

Pink Floyd.. Money.
Led Zeppelin.. Stairway to Heaven.
Queen... Bohemian Rhapsody.


Beccy said...

It was so hard to choose fatman.

Queen nearly made it John and I love Stairway. I wish I could have chosen 10!

Unknown said...

Have you noticed i`ve apologised to Sam? I`d no idea that was your Sister.(see last post).

Anonymous said...

That is a very hard decision to make... I like Bowie and the Pixies...

But - I'd have to say:

INXS - Devil Inside
U2 - With or Without You

and go with a classic: Vivaldi - Four Seasons.

Beccy said...

I did notice John, nicely said!

Did I ever tell you Karmyn that Bono and the Edge are near neighbours of mine!

Yara said...

The only one I know is Bowy, and I happened to like a song of teo of his, more the 80's stuff then anything.

BTW, thanks for stopping by!

Beccy said...

Love the eighties too Yara.

Steffi said...

I like David Bowie´s songs not so very much.I like more U2,Pink Floyd,...!Wow Beccy Bono is a near neighbour of you?Cool,tell him much greetings :O)!

The very nice man said...

Beccy, I took the original post on the Firefly off (too raunchy I fear!)
What does ROFL mean??

My songs:
Don't speak of my heart - Gerry Rafferty
Angels - Robbie Williams
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. What a great collection of music. I'm going to slap the pixies on now!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I've never heard that song. When he was popular, I wasn't listening to much music. Now, I'm headed to iTunes to listen to more because I do like that song...and the blue eyeshadow.
CONGRATULATIONS on your winning entry at my place.
Have a wonderful week as I may not be able to visit much for awhile.

Beccy said...

Steffi, Bono lives up the hill in the big houses I live down the hill in the very small houses and have only ever said hello to him although I wish I was brave enough to say more but then I wounldn't want to hassle him as he walks around his neighbourhood.

Ha, ha Erik. ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) LMAS (laughing my arse off) just learnt these from my teenage son. I love Angels as well, definitely my fovourite Robbie song.

Little Miss Moi I look forward to your choices if you do it!

Swampwitch listen to all his pre 80's stuff, by far the best!

Amy W said...

Good question!

But I would be boring and want to listen to classical music if I couldn't listen to music ever again.

Tracey said...

DB has such an incredible vocal range! He's truly a talented performer. We actually watched a movie (dvd) with him last night...DS told me that's who it was and I still couldn't recognize him, lol! Not Labrynth...something more recent about magic, but I don't recall what the name was.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Beccy, I couldn't begin to answer this...

Unknown said...

Beccy, i stayed at the Dalkey hotel in 1989, and Bono`s mansion was just up the road. I walked up to the top of the hill and you could look down on it. Some place!!

Sam said...

I didn't know you went to see him at MK - which tour was that?
I saw him on the Serious Moonlight tour.

My favourite DB song, and indeed one of my favourite songs EVER is Wild is the Wind.

I think I would also have Tonight by Elton John and Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes on my top 3 list with Wild is the WInd.

Robbie's Angels is one of my favourite songs too - actually it's my top karaoke choice but it wasnt available on Singshot.

Beccy said...

Amy, I don't think that's boring, it would be boring if we were all the same!

Tracey, thanks for stopping by and I totally agree about Bowies voice.

If you'd looked down any further right at the bottom of the hill, there I am John.

Sam, milton keynes 1990 sound and vision tour. Got there very early, was really close to the stage, took about six hours to get out of the car park!

Unknown said...

We went for a few pints at the pub up the hill, must have passed your house!!

enidd said...

good choice beccy, enid loves david bowie too. and thanks for the tag! she's all in a tizzy because she's not very good at music. if it takes a while, she hasn't forgotten... she's just suffering writer's block.