Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mobile Phones

I'm contemplating the point of mobile phones.

Say for example you decide to visit your parents in a different country so don't use your mobile due to the extortionate rates you will be charged and safe in the knowledge that both your parents have a mobile should you need one.

Say for example that after eating a large pub lunch you all decide to revisit old haunts for a walk. As your father can't walk as far or as fast he stops the car on double yellow lines to let you and your mother out and a rushed conversation ensues over where to meet.

Say for example you suggest keeping on the path by the road while your mother tells your father to follow the coast road and park in the nearest available space then walk back to meet us.

Say for example that your father does not appreciate that you have lived for over twelve years in a country where pavements are called paths.

Then you will wonder why you are not meeting your father as you and your mother keep to the path (pavement) by the road and reach the empty car.

You and your mother will then spilt up and retrace your footsteps, you taking the muddy cross country option whilst running and wishing you had worn a belt to keep your trousers up, (you'd left it at home because it sets off the security machine in the airport).

You will then meet your father who says that your mother instructed him to take the coastal path and that you said path by the road but that was infact a pavement so therefore there was no path by the road.

You then run to find you mother and reassure her that your father is not lost and you won't need to walk home.

All the time you wonder why your mother chose not to bring her mobile phone with her in her handbag where there was plenty of room for it!


ChrisB said...

In my defence, I made it clear before we left home I was not taking my phone, I took my camera and because my phone is an old heavy mobile which takes up a lot of space I did not want to be weighed down. Still all's well that ends well.

sallywrites said...