Thursday, January 11, 2007

Delurking of sorts.

I've been reading some posts which suggest it is delurking week, ie any lurkers who read blogs but don't comment should own up and leave a comment. I know I have lurkers and don't mind at all but these posts inspired me to hunt for lurkers in Ben's room and banish them forever. As Ben is the youngest anything anybody else doesn't want tends to be given to him and he readily accepts. The trouble with this is that he has the box room, named thus as it is not much bigger than a box. The lurkers I was looking for were toys he no longer played with and any broken toys or rubbish.

The room minutes after I started my delurking campaign.

After I had finished.

Under Ben's bed before.

And after.

Ben's collection of cuddly toys.

I was surprised at how little rubbish I had to throw away, one small bag for the bin and another of paper and card for the green bin. I did however gather lots of toys he no longer plays with. Unfortunately I did not manage to hide them before he got home from school and he promptly took loads out again. When he was busy playing downstairs I removed these toys again and hid them in the shed. My plan is to see if he asks for them before the school fair in March, if he does he can have them back, if he doesn't it's bye bye toys forever. If I were a betting girl I'd put my money on bye bye toys forever!


Asha said...

Good use of "delurking week"!!:D

ChrisB said...

Good job he doesn't read your blog or all those toys would soon be back in his room

Sam said...

What a good mum. I had to tidy my own room from about 3 weeks old.

Beccy said...

I thought so to Asha.

I know Mum, but I bet he wouldn't be able to tell me what's missing!

Lol Sam, I try to get my kids to tidy their rooms but that usually involes hiding stuff (including rubbish) under the bed or in their cupboards. About twice a year I do a blitz when they're at school and get rid of loads of stuff!

ChrisB said...

Sam I always knew you were very clever from an early age!!!

Sam said...

please can you come over here and delurk my loft?

Beccy said...

Mum have you got the right Sam?

Sam will you provide the ticket?

ChrisB said...

My mistake Sorry wrong Sam. I'm sure my comment applies (how could I have missed the photo) to both

Sam said...

i keep telling her she can have my airmiles. its not like i can go anywhere, since i am stuck here and not allowed abroad
she refuses them
i dont think she really wants to come, she prefers ireland
because i have to go to work all day and she will get lonely

Emma in Canada said...

You're something else...I would never think to clean my kids room due to delurking week. I should though. I actually will be cleaning my son's becasue of someone else's blog...she is donating a dollar for every pound she and her readers lose by January 31 so I need to find my scale and the last place it was was his room!

sallywrites said...

You are so right about the bet. And about getting the toys out of the way before they see what you have done. I'm delurking daily at the moment. Or trying too!!

As for lurkers on my site, I too do wish they would leave comments. It would be lovely to have an idea of what they think and who they all are!


sallywrites said...

ps Like the users on line button!


Beccy said...

I thought the offer was for me Sam!

Emma it was a job that needed doing anyway. I thought it was a pretty flimsy link! Good luck finding the scales, if you can't find them I could give you mine then I wouldn't know my weight!

Sally I don't think I have many lurkers except my friend also called Sally. She emails me her comments, very long and very funny!
I pinched the users idea from another blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been lurking around your blog ever since I saw that you sponsored the Apples for Jam book on Pim's Menu for Hope!

So doing a good deed sent at least one new reader your way ...does that count as good cyber karma? :)

Beccy said...

Hi Jenny, hey you're my first and maybe only delurker! Thanks for stopping by.