Monday, January 01, 2007

And everything was go so well, I should have known it couldn't last!

All the Christmas presents fitted into our suitcase, with room to spare.

The gales and rain had stopped leaving us a bright, clear, almost sunny day on which to travel.

There was no queue for check in, our suitcases were within the weight allowance and my extra carry on bag wasn't spotted.

The plane left on time, relatively little turbulence and arrived early.

We didn't have to wait long to use the car park ticket machine and the bus was waiting for us.

We were dropped off first at the long term car park.

And then it went wrong.

Joules got in the car and started the engine, everything was quiet not a peep, cough or splutter from the engine. The battery was dead. The result was a 45 minute wait for the AA man who then drove all around the very large car park before he found us, or rather before I ran across the car park and flagged him down. Minutes later he had the engine running and we were on our way home.

Thanks for all the delicious lunches and dinners Mum and for spoiling us rotten.


Embee said...

Glad it all ended fairly well. Now all we all have to do is to get on with what we have to do. Up at six, work by 0715, home many hours later!!! Great fun having you all, hope all goes well. Love.

ChrisB said...

You know how much I love having you all here. xx