Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh #3

Chatting to a friend in the week we both commented that we'd never forgotten to collect a child. Alas I can no longer boast that as I forgot to pick up Mollie from basketball this morning. I was busy working on PA stuff when the phone rang, as I answered it I saw the time and thought 'ahhh,
I've forgotten Mollie'. Luckily a friend was on the phone and saw Mollie so asked to bring her back to her house to play with her daughter. I would like to point out that Mollie knew to go back into the basketball gym where her coach could contact me had I failed to turn up.

Postscript: Mollie ended up having a fantastic time and it was well worth her while me forgetting her. First she was taken ten pin bowling then was invited to stay the night with her friend.


Sam said...

but you did forget to pick up a dog once, remember?

Beccy said...

Had forgotten, thanks for reminding me!

ChrisB said...

I wasn't going to draw attention to that.

Sam said...

i didnt realise we'd told mum that story.
poor tamsie