Sunday, December 17, 2006

Menu for Hope III Update

At the time of writing Menu for Hope III has raised nearly $22,000. Well done to all of you who have supported this worthy cause either by donating prizes and/or buying tickets. There are some fabulous prizes out there, something to suit everyone from all over the world. The prizes range from cookbooks, lunch and hampers to a cocktail set, a Kitchen Aid or Ipod. Check out Chez Pim to see a list of all the prizes, then head over to first giving to place your bid. Remember a ticket only cost $10 and all the money raised will go to the United Nations World Food Programme.

My prize has had five bids so far. That's raised less than its value, I'd like a few more bids please, please, pretty please. If that amount is doubled I will add a homemade surprise to the parcel and I will ship wordwide.


Kalyn Denny said...

It's very fun to see how Sam's family are all joining the blogging world. Thanks for supporting A Menu for Hope. It's wonderful how generous people are being.

sallywrites said...

Beccy - I THINK I have done it correctly. I hope so!
It's not the simplest of systems though. People may be put off because they can't work out how to connect the correct gifts with their donation.
Still fingers crossed.
May be worth mentioning to the organisers taht plebs like me need a bit more technical help!
Good luck with it all.

Beccy said...

It took a long time Kalyn but I'm an addict now!

Thanks so much Sally. I made a mistake with my first bid but I was able to go back and change it. I think when people see how others bid it become clearer!

Pim said...


Thanks so much for participating. I'm sure your prize will get more bidders before the campaign is over.

Your sister Sam, the mistress of the West Coast list, is working tirelessly to help. I'm sure she'll plug your prize too even if it's not from her region.

Best of luck.

Thanks again,