Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Party #5

Yes this is my last Christmas party post, I'm exhausted and need to go to bed for a week!

Last night my book club had our Christmas dinner, we went to Rasam in Glasthule which I had heard glowing reports of but had never been. For the starters we had a couple of platters two with seafood and one without. I tried a few things, I found the lamb very hot but the prawn and squid were very good. Unfortunately I can't remember the names of the food I ate and I was on water all night! For my main course I had a monkfish dish, I checked that it was mild before I ordered. By the time it arrived I was starving as we had gone out quite late. It was the most delicious dish, the monkfish was cooked to perfection and just melted in my mouth and the sauce it was served in complemented it perfectly yet was not too spicy for me. This was followed by lots of chat and another late night!

Over the last week I have turned down invitations to two other parties, there's only so much partying a girl can do! This is so not the norm for me. I'm really looking forward to going to my Mum's for Christmas and having a rest!


ChrisB said...

Oh dear now who can I get to do all the cooking only joking Beccy.

Asha said...

Beccy the party girl!:)
A restaurant called Rasam?!Cooool!!
Must be a south Indian one.Rasam literally means thin soup,staple with rice in the southern states of India.
Always always ask them to make it mild when you order orelse some dishes will kill ya!:D We quickly request that as soon as we order.

Have fun at your mom's and merry Christmas and happy new year.

sallywrites said...

Great fun though, even if it's exhausting!


Beccy said...

You're a great cook Mum.

That's funny Asha because when I described my meal to a friend I likened it to a bowl of soup!

I agree Sally but now there are months stretching ahead of me with no parties sometimes I think it's mad to fit so much socialising into one week what about the other 51 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hello,finally got to make a comment. So glad your night went well and you all behaved!!!!