Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas 2005

Today I got my last Christmas present from the year 2005.

Wow, did you read right or did I make a mistake?

You read right!

Last year Sam very kindly gave me a voucher for Avocoa Handweavers. I love this shop and there are always lots of lovely things to tempt me but I decided to buy some clothes. Their clothes are out of my usual budget so when their sale was on I went looking for a bargain but found none. I kept the voucher as it has no use by date with plans to look again in the summer sale. Nothing took my fancy in the summer but I found myself buying some small kitchen utensils the odd time. I had €20 remaining and was delighted to find this set of cake trays on sale for €19.95 today as I had fallen in love with a beautiful glass cake dish in New York in June and really regret not buying it, (I didn't think it would travel well).


Sam said...

that's gorgeous!

Beccy said...

Thanks Sam and thank you for the pressie.

Maya said...

Beccy -- I swear you have the greatest taste! I think you'd have to really secure stuff and hide things away if I ever came to visit.

Asha said...

Enjoy your belated gift Beccy!
Looking forward to this year's gift next year!:D

ChrisB said...

Beccy well worth the wait

Beccy said...

Maya you sure know how to make a girl feel good, thank you. You've only seen a few things (my only nice stuff)! I'll certainly keep an eye on them if you ever come to visit.

I love it Asha, only thing is I'll keep making sweet stuff to serve on them.

I agree Mum.

Becks said...

she learnt good taste from her older sister

cookie said...

Really sweet. And pink!
Cranky's mom had a whole room of glass items. It was a small room but the walls were lined with shelves and cupboards. Goblets and saucers and punch cups and tiny creamers and candy dishes and salt & pepper. (I don't think there was a cake stand, though.)
But -- hmmph. Both of his parents have died, and where did the glass go? Well, as you say, it wouldn't travel well.

Beccy said...

Well Becks I'm intrigued as you obviously know my sister, but maybe I taught her all about taste!

I'm not sure I'd want a whole room of pretty pretty stuff cookie but I like a little. My house is too small and my other half already thinks I have too much stuff.

I still haven't found a home for my new purchase so it's cluttering up the counter looking pretty.

Barbara said...

That is so pretty. I love pink.

Sally Lomax said...



Sally Lomax said...

p.s. Thanks for the nomination!
I have nominated you too!


Beccy said...

I love pink as well Barbara, it's funny because I hated it as a child but in my thirties it's definitely one of my favourite colours.

Thanks for the nomination Sally, maybe one of us will get shortlisted!