Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aftermath of a Storm

There has been a lot of stormy weather here, with flooding and gale force winds. As you see we were the victim of these winds when a neighbours tree blew over into our garden.


ChrisB said...

Beccy poor you its messed up the garden. That's all you needed just before Christmas. The same as our roof, which reminds me I need to ring the insurance co. have you discussed it with your neighbour yet?

Asha said...

OH DEAR!!! Hope none of you got hurt.It's not even winter officially,so much chaos already.

Take care , Beccy.

Sam said...

did the tree bounce?

cookiecrumb said...

When you get that all cleaned up, I'd like to pay a visit to your backyard and do a little jumping.
Thank you.

sallywrites said...

Bad luck Beccy.

Really Sam! How unsympathetic - but very funny.LOL.

I hate clearing up garden mess.

Poor you.


Beccy said...

Haven't spoken to neighbour yet Mum, it's on my to do list today.

Asha it is winter here in Ireland. I think they have their seasons wrong as they say winter starts in November and Spring in February. Since November is all Autumnal with the leaves falling and February is the most likely time to get snow I think the Irish should stick with the seasons the British have.

No-one saw the tree come down Sam!
I'm just glad the children weren't out on the trampoline when it happened.

Hey Cookie maybe you could help with the clean up before you bounce!

I hate gardening full stop Sally. Which is why my garden looks like it does!

sallywrites said...

So do we! we have a sort of rural overgrown look...... We like it. It suits us!


Anonymous said...

Did it bounce, by the look of things it bounced the clothes line which cost an arm and a leg so I am told, but one is glad that no-one got hurt. In England you would be allowed to cut it up and post it back over the garden wall. I am glad you keep a list of things to do today I do as well trouble is mine is about as long as your arm, the ceiling looks quite good though, apparently. Love

sallywrites said...

Cut it up and post it?

Cut it up and use for firewood!!

Do you have a log fire Beccy?


Beccy said...

Dad I don't want to expand my energy on cutting it up and posting it anywhere, I want my neighbours to get rid of it.

Sally unfortunately no I don't have a real fire. When I was pregnent with Mollie my oil fired heater broke on a nearly daily basis and we used our real fire and back boiler to heat the house and water throughout the winter. When we changed to gas I was fed up cleaning out the fireplace and insisted on a gas fire. Convenient yes but not a patch on the real macoy.