Friday, December 22, 2006

10 Things not to do on December 22nd

1) Agree to take eldest son shopping in town.

2) Agree to take eldest son's two friends into town as well.

3) Bring youngest two children into town.

4) Forget to bring everyone's money.

5) Take youngest son to a shop that sells PlayStation games, then watch him sulk when he can't buy one.

6) Agree to take eldest son (plus others) to Dundrum Shopping centre on way home.

7) Allow daughter to slam her thumb in car door.

8) Watch blood gushing from said thumb as you wait for the first aider.

9) Get stuck in traffic.

10) Have no dinner ready when you get home.


ChrisB said...

What a day you've had and I now know why I couldn't get you, phoned several times. Poor Mollie I know how painful this is as I did it a few weeks ago if you remember. I thought you were getting the car fixed. Sally did a lot of research on opel dealers for you.

cookiecrumb said...

I think somebody needs to go visit Gram.

Unknown said...

Is Mollie OK?

I think she might be a lot happier come christmas day

good luck with the flights to the UK

sam x

Beccy said...

Ah Sam so you're Becks, at one time I thought it was Fred but then didn't think he'd be that rude! Didn't think it was you as thought you posted under Sam!

Mollie went off to a sleepover so I think she's feeling better, she looked awful when it happened, I thought she was going to faint or be sick and I think she'll lose her nail but at least she didn't break it!

Getting excited about seeing everyone Cookiecrumb.