Sunday, November 05, 2006

Jacob's Christening

Yesterday was the christening of Jacob O'Sullivan, Jacob was born in July and after the arrival of three girl cousins Ben was delighted to finally have a boy cousin (he had shed a few tears when girl no.3 arrived!). After a quick christening service it was back to my brother-in-laws house for champagne. Unfortunately I missed out on this as I had to collect Mollie from Devils Glen where she was hiking having spent the night at Tiglin Hostel with the cubs.

We arrived in time to enjoy the lovely food provided by Avocoa Handweavers. There was salmon and beef with a huge choice of salads. Not usually a fan of cold beef I took just one small slice and it just melted in my mouth, delicious. The salads were all good, especially the potato salad, the pasta and parmesan salad and the broccoli and feta salad. This was followed by deserts of chocolate roulade (gluten free), apple and pear pie and fruit pavlova made by Jacobs Granny. Mollie and I baked these buns for the children to nibble on and as ever they went down a treat.

Luckily for the guests there was a lot of surplus food and we were given a tray of salads as we left. That's great news for me as dinner tonight is sorted!


ChrisB said...

The sculptures look interesting hope Mollie had a good time- I dont expect she slept much.

Didn't you take any photos of Jacob?

Beccy said...

I didn't have camera but would have to ask permission before I post photos.

Mollie was very tired, she got to sleep about 3am! She fell asleep last night in my bed watching Robin Hood.

It's a lovely place to take a walk, haven't been there for a while maybe if you bring your walking boots!

Barbara said...

I hope they saved you a glass of champagne Beccy. I know how Ben feels. I was so distraught after my 3rd brother was born my parents bought me a girl dog which I called Diana. I eventually had sister after the three brothers and 9 years.

Beccy said...

No such luck Barbara it was all guzzled before I got there!

Ben spent a good 40 mintues playing with Jacob and holding his hand, something he never did with the gilrs! It was very sweet to watch.

Sam said...

who does Jacob belong to?

Beccy said...

Jacob belongs to Tim and Kathryn.