Friday, November 17, 2006

The World's Best Sister

When I checked my emails last night there was one from Sam telling me that my joint birthday and Christmas present was awaiting pick up from Meadows and Byrne in Dun Laoghaire anytime after lunch today. It was my 40th birthday present a few years early, she wrote. I was very excited as I love looking in this shop and dreaming about what I'd buy when I win the lottery. We duly arrived and I was presented with this beautifully wrapped box which was very heavy but I managed to carry it to car.

Mum wanted me to open it as soon as soon as I got home but I said no I'd wait until my birthday, so there it sat tempting me. I rang Sam when I knew she was awake but only got her voice message so thanked her and said I couldn't wait to open it next week. When I checked my email minutes ago there was a message from Sam telling me to open it now and not be 'daft'. Ben was very excited at the big parcel being opened.

Wow how exciting , thank you so much Sam. I'm so looking forward to making lots of yummy stuff and it will take pride of place in my kitchen.
I wish you were here with us, you're in our thoughts and we love you lots.

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Barbara said...

Oh Beccy I'm soooo jealous. Happy birthday for the big day.

Any chance you could email (pinotgrisATgmailDOT) me the bread recipe? It is no longer available on the NYTimes website and June has not posted it either.