Monday, November 20, 2006

A Busy Weekend.

Had a busy weekend. Lots of chauffeuring Mollie between various activities on Saturday morning, it's great that Dillon is able to get himself to and from sailing or I'd have to be in two places at the same time as Joules had to work. After a late lunch of bagels oozing with sausages, bacon, egg and tomato relish, Joules took the children out so Mum and I sat down to watch Brokeback Mountain. Unfortunately the disc was slightly damaged and jumped a lot through the first section so we heard very little of the vocals but were able to follow the storyline. I wasn't sure what to expect, the storyline was good, the ending was sad, great acting and beautiful scenery. It left me thinking that my philosophy of following my heart and doing what I think is right and not worrying about what other people think is right because only I will regret what I have or haven't done.

Saturday evening Joules and I went out with Sally and Mark to the Ivory in Dalkey. Well I went out with them, Joules had fallen asleep and wasn't ready so had to catch up with us later! Sally and I had been there two weeks earlier and thought the food looked very tasty so back we went to try it out. Mark and I had the Seafood Chowder which we both agreed was very tasty. It was meant to be served in a bread basket but unfortunately they had run out. Sally had stuffed peppers which she said was good. We only ordered starters and some side dishes but they were very big and more than enough to satisfy our hungry tummies!

Sunday I stayed in bed reading my book club book, I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti . I finished it and enjoyed it, another book I would recommend if you like reading. Then it was time to get everyone up and showered before we went to my brother and sister-in-laws to celebrate their daughter Ruth's christening. We were given wine and nibbles before sitting down to a delicious chicken Moroccan tagine. This was followed by the most delicious chocolate fondants served with ice cream and the pavlova I took.

This pavlova is the first (and only so far!) thing I made with my new Kitchen Aid. I have been making pavlovas for years, even in the days when I didn't cook and would tell my Mum I'd survive on cold baked beans eaten out of a tin when living away from home as a 19 year old student, I could still make a damn good pavolova. Now I can make an even better pavlova, mixing the eggs and sugar in the kitchen aid had them so thick and glossy and with that extra air beaten into it it grew and grew in the oven. I topped it off with a layer of lemon curd, cream and pommegranate.

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ChrisB said...

What a pity we won't have your kitchen aid over here for christmas. It certainly did whip up a superb meringue