Thursday, October 19, 2006


Mollie is going to a fancy dress party on Sunday and after much mind changing decided to be an emo fairy. A what? Dillon told her about emo fairies and I was promptly told what to wear. Basically she's a raggle taggle fairy dressed mainly in black. No problem there, Mollie has black leggings and leotard (my old one from when I went to tap dancing lessons as a girl). I made a ragged skirt from black netting and Dillon told us this should be worn with a pink studded belt and pink converse, both of which Mollie has.

So, what's the problem? Hair is the problem. Dillon tells us she should have black hair with a pink stripe down. Originally I thought no problem untill I went shopping in Dun Laoghaire. Nowhere could I find temporary hair dye. I tried Boots and the €2 Shop both shops where I have bought coloured hair spray on previous occasions. Other shops I looked in were also severely lacking in the coloured hair spray department. So if anyone reading this can tell me where I can get my hands on black and/or pink temporary hair dye before Sunday that would be great , in fact it would be better than great it would be fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogworld Beccy! I think I might have been an emo fairy once. Sounds like my style.

Beccy said...

Thanks Barbara. I have to admit that being an emo fairy sounds much more fun than being a pretty, pretty fairy!

ChrisB said...

So how did you get this sorted; what about plaiting in pink rafia!! mum

Beccy said...

Heard there's dye in Dundrum Shopping Centre, hoping to go there tonight!

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