Monday, October 16, 2006

A day at the zoo

We were fortunate to be given four tickets to Dublin Zoo yesterday - Dillon decided to opt out and spent the day cycling with friends. Ben (aged five) was very excited and asked that I make chocolate cake to bring for our picnic. Chocolate cake has now replaced lemon cake as Ben's favourite! So I got up very early at 7:15am and baked a huge chocolate cake. When I'd covered all the cake with melted chocolate I put it in the fridge to cool and set quickly. Guess where the cake spent the day? Yes, in the fridge, so our picnic was cakeless!!!

It has been a year and a half since I was last at Dublin Zoo and there has been a lot of work done. The elephants are getting a new, larger enclosure and the bat house has disappeared as has a lot of the play equipment much to Ben's displeasure. We saw the ring tailed lemurs being fed on fruit and nuts and learnt a little about them. Did you know that it is hard to tell that a ring tailed lemur is pregnant? When they give birth a mother can hide her baby under her armpit with no one noticing for a few days.

We also had the pleasure (or displeasure) of watching the pythons being fed on dead mice and chicks. Needless to say we didn't stay and watch for long. Whereas the sea lions were fun to watch being fed. Last time we were at the zoo we saw a sea lion who had just given birth, we missed the actual birth but arrived seconds after. This pup has now grown up and it was good to see her thriving. There was also a sea lion who recently came from Longleat Safari Park, she swapped places with a Dublin Zoo sea lion, we found this interesting as we visited Longleat in July. I think the Dublin sea lion got the best deal there!

The best seat for watching the sea lions!

The last animals we saw were the monkeys, apes, gorillas and orangutangs. They were great fun to see espescially as there were lots of babies being cared for by their mothers; an orangutang tried to push another into the water and the monkeys were swinging through the trees like in The Jungle Book.

Here are my little monkeys!!!


Sam said...

I remember the gorillas (scary) and the toucans (beautiful) from my one and only trip to Dublin zoo.

The little monkeys are cute, though, aren't they?

Beccy said...

Sam the toucans are no longer there, brightly coloured parrots were in their place. The gorillas weren't scary but there were lots of them, five or six; from the mega large daddy to the tiny (for a gorilla) baby.

ChrisB said...

Those are two very cute monkeys. I don't think I have been to Dublin Zoo since before Ben was born or have I ?

Julie said...

Those are the cutest monkeys in the zoo I'm sure!